So I’ve been in Minnesota for almost a month now, and back with my crazy family. Who are all obsessed with every ache and pain they have. The cornerstone of every conversation we have is about someone they know who has the flu, or a cold or a cough that made them nervous

Every burp, and tickle in their throat is an impending sickness. Which I’m going to be super honest, I have sickness paranoia & I’m seeing where I got it from. I am constantly sick in the head with some foreign disease because I had an itch

Being back in this environment, and the fact that Minnesota is transitioning into fall time has got me armed with all of my fall remedies & allies. I’m going to share my favorite one with you here!

This potion is best taken on the onset of that tickle, or feelings of a sickness coming on. It sends your immune system into hyper drive, and gently ushers the sick bugs out of your system. This tincture is super supportive, rich in vitamin C, helps ward off infections ranging far beyond the common cold

I journeyed with these herbs before creating this tincture to see how they would partner in the body. The herbs used in this tincture are Piñon Pine & Echinacea

Piñon Pine gave me visions of great golden light. Carrying the light of the sun, grounding into the body of the earth. Bringing the replenishing, and strengthening light of the sun into your body. It charged my solar plexus. Radiating vitality, clear action, power, and personal charge. Grounding and clarifying your central power source

Echinacea gave visions of purple essence centering in the heart, the emotional body. Clearing, protecting, and charging the physical form. There was an action of clarifying the communication of the energy body through the physical. It had a very airy energy where Piñon had a very grounding power about it

They danced so beautifully together in this tincture. The result is this very earthy flavor with a tart high note in the after taste. I love the smell, I love everything about it. So let’s get into it!

Shopping List

-Mason jar in the size you choose

-Dried Echinacea

-Dried Piñon Pine needles

-High proof alcohol. I like Everclear. I’m just finding out as I write this that it is illegal in some states, including the one I’m in now! So check your state, or choose another alcohol. I recommend clear liquor for this tincture

-Personal use tincture bottle(s)

-Strainer or Cheesecloth


For those of you who require non alcoholic, or have youngins. You can replace the alcohol with glycerin. You will have to do your research on what type to buy, as I have not ever created a tincture with this before


Begin by filling your jar with 2 parts Echinacea & 1 part Piñon Pine. Or follow what you intuitively feel is called for in your mixture. It is optional and recommended to grind your herbs a bit in a pestle mortar to open them up, and get them fusing with each other

Fill your jar just below full, and lightly pack the herbs down. Fill the rest of the jar with the alcohol. Close the jar tightly, and give it a shake

Store in a cool, dry, dark place for 5-6 weeks. Shaking your jar daily, and giving it some love

At the end of the 5-6 weeks, open your jar. Check for any molding, or unsavory things. Unlikely, with the alcohol, but when you will be ingesting. It’s better to be safe

Strain your herbs, and pour the liquid mixture into your tincture bottle

I like to take one dropper 3x a day when I’m feeling something coming on, before/during/after plane flights.. When I’m already sick I take 2 droppers in the morning, one in the afternoon, and 2 in the evening

Enjoy this dear companion, let me know your experiences in the comments!

Marisha An

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