There is a story told throughout the ages. A cosmic romance that speaks of two lovers, separated, and ever longing to become one again. We feel it in the microcosm of longing for a lover, a partner. We see this in the longing for our twin flame

This longing is a reflection of the ageless longing to be one again with the eternal one. To reunite with the beloved source that we were birthed from. We are each a fragment of the Creator, the one source. This source that we give many names, that we search for unknowingly in everything we reach out for

This rite of sacred marriage is reflected in the union of Mary Magdalene & Christ Yeshua. Whispered to us in the romance of King Solomon & The Queen Of Sheba. Singing it’s sweet songs of remembrance to us through the path of Shekinah reuniting with Tiferet. Through the ecstatic embrace of Shiva & Shakti. Over and over again

In many faces, many stories & mythos. It speaks to us of our own inherent longing, inviting us to follow that longing. Taking the journey of remembrance to the holy grail, the great illumination. Waking us to the entirety of ourselves

We are children of union, experiencing our one self in fragments spread throughout worlds, forms & dimensions. Ambling through labyrinths of our own making, finding our way back home. Remembering ourselves forever more, extending eternally from the sea of union

Today I share a reflection of this love story, that is being told in my heart at this time:

Soul sat at the edge of the great becoming, longing for reunion with her beloved Spirit. She calls out, heart aching, but cannot see her beloved any longer. Unknown to her, Spirit calls for her and calls, but his light cannot seem to penetrate her as it once had

Soul calls on her knees, willing her longing to reach the void itself, and a whisper brushes against her ear. A whisper that takes her hand and calls her to make the journey of purification, so that she may touch her heart to the beloved once again. She steps through the gates of ascension, calling back the pieces of herself that had fragmented in her descent

Unveiling herself of all of the weights of illusion, letting go of all of the false lovers of name & title. She becomes empty, virgin unto herself, as she enters the marital chambers most high once again. With the primordial waters dripping through her hair, she is magnificent

Her holy beloved Spirit awaits her in the sacred chambers, ignited with the fires of eternity & he embraces her. He holds her as she has longed to be held, he kisses her where she had longed for his lips to touch her. She draws him into her, and he comes deeper. Penetrating the expanse of his beloved Soul. & she takes flight in surrender. She becomes no thing at all, as everything that ever was and will be pours from her fingertips

She becomes so full of the eternal fire that it births forth through her. A child is born of spirit & soul, and they look upon their child of primordial fire. All of creation becomes still just to look upon this child. & the child looks back. We named this child You. You are a child of union, a child of love, and all of Creation looks upon you in wonder

You are the love of the cosmos in form

In love & reverence,


PS: I have spaces to journey into healing through Ma’sheba ceremonies as early as January. If you feel called to step into self devotion & inner union in your life, it would be an honor to support you as you rise into the mysteries of your inner temple. Email me directly to apply for a complimentary connection call-

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