It starts within. With a whisper, calling you with a song that you remember from long ago. Before you became who you are now. Before this name, this form, this identity.

The song gently coaxes alive something that has laid dormant, long forgotten for eons. Waiting for this moment, to breathe life into it once again. It moves through you. Igniting wild flames that weave into ashes all that has cast a shadow over the truth of who you really are

This is Ma’sheba. A call from the depths, embracing you in permission. Permission to rise, permission to become, permission to come into union with the light and the dark. To be a vessel of the entirety of yourself, and walk in devotion to you. As you were created

Ma’sheba works on the soul level, seeing the soul as the bridge or prism between the spirit & your manifest expression. This bridge gets fragmented, and collects debris throughout lifetimes. Experiencing traumas, illness, and the myriad of experiences that cause us pain and disconnection in life. This causes the light that is eternally shinning from your spirit to become skewed, and hindered. Causing mistranslation, and blocks in that light’s expression through your physical being

This hindrance of the illumination of our spirit, leaves us blind to the wealth, liberation & WORTH inherent to us. Leaving us bereft in the ocean of creation, unable to hear or commune with our divinity. Unable to feel and access the embrace of the beloved Creator

Ma’sheba utilizes light language, tonal sound, and energetic symbols that specifically activates and converses with the creative template of your energetic frameworks

We relate to the creative template through four realms, which we view as present throughout all of creation. We call these four realms, the first family. They are the primordial elements that are the building blocks, the base codes of all that is. In the name of Creator. These elements shift in their interaction with each other. Causing shifts in how we experience life, ourselves, and the world around us

Each of us is originally seeded with a unique design of this creative template within us, a unique configuration of these elements that create a beautiful union. The more we reunify the many layers of this unique design, the more we liberate the full range of our expression, gifts, capabilities, and unique medicine we each carry

Ma’sheba embraces the fragments of the self that have forgotten. Singing the song of remembrance. In melodies telling of your original story, and making offerings of light into the shadows, that they may begin to see the greater spectrum that you truly are once again. Inviting the aspects of you that are ready to come home, to return

This is an exploration into revealing the tapestry of Creator’s love story to each and every one of us. A love story alive in different fragments throughout each and everything in existence

Each ceremony will be connected through water and stone. Utilizing stone grids that reflect the varying expressions of the realms of the creative template. The ceremonies will take you through a journey of reunification of these varying expressions, as they manifest through you. Using tonal sound, medicine song, light language & mudra symbols to clear and anchor the illumination that is ready to be integrated. Water is used as a conduit, and ally. Holding the gateways of travel, baptizing the emerging aspects, and revealing what was unseen as the light shines ever brighter. You will be guided into a light meditative state, in partnership with your breath throughout

The ceremonies work within variations of 5 grids, that reconnect channels of the creative template. Enabling those channels within you to hold greater illumination, become activated on greater layers, and re-energize. Each grid guides you in what is ready and in greatest service to you at this time-

Grid I: Introduction of Light

We step on our journey in accessing the great central light within. In our descent through embodiment, our central light has become seemingly so far away. The glow becoming dim, and even blocked in some places. Here we begin the process of clearing the debris, and meet the aspects that are hindering this light from shinning in greater capacities through it’s chosen channels

Grid II: Working the Central Pillar

Entering into a stripping, and releasing of the conditioning, programs, and identifications that have been weighted over your expanded expression

Grid III: Balancing the Scales

As we release the weights that were not ever ours to bare. The spaces that picked them up in the first place begin to be revealed. We journey into the spaces of imbalanced reflection, the spaces causing shapes on the wall of monsters in your psyche. The places where your power, expression, being has been warped in the shadows. Inviting the fragments into integration. Here we are able to see what we are, and what we are not. Balancing the scales, so the central light can illuminate the shadows

Grid IV: Union of the Realms

With the great bridge illuminated, and rebalanced. We come to a special moment of communion. Stepping into union with the layers of the self that have been revealed, and clarified. Here we access the volumes of your original narrative, that are calling to be told through you at this time. Anchoring in the rays of your spirit’s light, that have become illuminated through our journey together

Grid V: Drawing Down

Finally we draw down union. Drawing union into form. Stepping into your light made manifest through you. You. An emissary, walking in the liberation of your own remembrance


It is so exciting to step into this space of potentiality with you. Every time I experience this medicine it blows me away, the more I expand into it I’m blown away. I’m a flute that Ma’sheba picks up and sounds the most magnificent melodies, that I fall more and more in love with the ever revealing essence of the beloved Creator

PS: I use the term light language, as this is a common term used. I connect with this as root language. It carries specific keys through prayer in root sounds that have the ability to unlock, activate and transform. In addition I use the term mudras, or energetic symbols. These are symbols drawn, and movements of the hands that create specific output. Reaching into the energy field to re-pattern