First of all I am so completely happy to be writing to you about Ma’sheba. Oh my happiest of hearts shit. It has been a hard, beautiful, magical, and shattering unfolding to even get to a space to coherently speak about this medicine. Much less even have the courage to call it what it is & make an entire page about it!

Ma’sheba is my family, my sisterhood, and the lineage of the divine holy Mother that I serve. That I have served, lived, and died for over lifetimes that seem as if breadcrumbs leading me to this moment right now writing this to you

Our lineage carries the creation codes found in many mystical and ancient traditions. Reflected in the tree of life, Yggdrasil, and most well known the tree of knowledge in the garden of eden. All of these instances reflecting the keys, the template within the codes of all of creation. Ma’sheba utilizes this template as a tool to incite healing, and cellular activation

Harnessing the keys of this template through language, sound, and sacred energetic symbols that specifically activates and converses with the different realms of the template

As all of us carry balanced expressions of ourself, and imbalanced expressions. So too does the template, as it is the framework behind every drop in creation. We can think of the imbalanced aspect of your template as existing in shadow, it cannot see the entirety of itself. It is blind to it’s totality, and so exists in an illusory state that develops an entire world from a restricted view

This view is not only restricted, it is a view separated from the full vision that is interconnected with the entirety of itself, and so too creation. Even more Creator. This view results in aspects of the self that believe and see themselves as fully individuated from the whole. Which, in the most simple example. Imagine your arm totally thinks its only ‘arm’, and not arm of you

Ma’sheba ceremonies work by journeying into the template that you are currently residing within. Bringing home dismembered, and fragmented aspects of your self. Bringing them back to center. As well as clearing away the aspects that were not ever yours to begin with

Ma’sheba then goes into opening the original template of yourself. The so called ‘illuminated’ template of your spirit, which is the original codes that birthed ‘you’ into existence. Beginning to anchor the pieces of your illuminated code into the cleared and re’membered framework that are in greatest alignment to be anchored in during this lifetime, and this time in your life

This is a healing container that embraces all parts of you as inseparable from the functioning of the whole. This is not a stepping into the light, and away from the darkness, the shadows of the self. This is a reunification of your light, and shadows. Creating an illumination into the entirety of yourself that carries the pure essence of the source Creator that you carry

Stepping into the world of Ma’sheba, you are stepping hand in hand with the collective of creation. Integrating and activating within yourself, and in turn integrating and activating that very lost channel that had been forgotten within us all

We will be sharing the journeys through the realms within the template in the blog & releasing free journeys full of practices to integrate this template into your life in practical ways now

It is so beautiful, these realms and the expression of their union and equally their disharmony has reflected themselves to us throughout our sacred stories, religious texts, psychology, movie genres, universal archetypes. Just everything! The realms of the template are alive within us from the greatest master of the highest heavens, to the smallest grain of sand at the bottom of the deepest ocean

It is Creator’s love story to each and every one of us. A love story alive in different fragments throughout each and everything in existence. The only way to truly uncover even a fraction of the entirety of the most beloved-love story, is to walk the path of holy ecstatic union

It is so exciting to step into this space of potentiality with you. Every time I experience this medicine it blows me away, the more I expand into it I’m blown away. I’m a flute that Ma’sheba picks up and sounds the most magnificent melodies, that I fall more and more in love with the ever revealing essence of the beloved Creator

There are three I on I offerings to experience the wonder of Ma’sheba currently. You can find them below:

3 Month Journey: Dänce Öf Ma’sheba

6 Month Journey: The Rëtürn

9 Month Journey: The Gölden Sërpënt