Sęrpēnt Røse was birthed from the world I imagine living in when I close my eyes.  A place where the only limits are those that you set, the limits of your imagination.

The only law is what is true within your heart

This is a world where God pulses through every layer of existence. Everything, every moment is a spiritual experience. There is nothing that is separate from divinity. In this world you are presented with the choice, and the power to choose how you want to experience the expression of God. To create the experience that you desire around you. A world within a world

Your world, within a world

I believe that this is the birthright and inheritance of us all. We each carry varying expressions of the creative spark within us. A series of gifts that resonate and empower the expression of our heart, and soul in the body

The world I want to live in, is one of union. So I’ve created Sęrpēnt Røse as a type of experiment. A laboratory of union

A bit about me…

My greatest power & education has come from living life

The offerings throughout flow from my ancestral lineage. Union with my ancestors is at the core of Sęrpēnt Røse. My journey to reconnecting to my ancestors in this lifetime came through an endless series of hard knocks events, and usually the story of those events would have been my story of how I came to where I am now.

I would have shared how up until I was 24 I was empty inside.

How I coped with that emptiness since I was a teenager through alcohol, drugs, and sex.

How that coping finally landed me in a situation that threatened my life.

How that experience shook all systems on line, and I went through a physical and mental re-membering.

A spiritual awakening-Which I don’t really vibe with that phrase, because it represents an ending.

Like you just woke up, the end.

That is not the case at all remotely, for me at least. Nothing in all of the universes has a period at the end, except for the odd sentence…it is an ever becoming story. Creator itself is ever unfolding

When everything began to re-member in this life has been my story, as to what started this journey

The more I uncover within myself, the more I realize, what lead me to this point

To this moment, typing this, creating Sęrpēnt Røse, it has been always

It began when I was just a seed in the womb of Creator. It began when Creator first began to burst sparks of itself

The story was always, and is always

It was when we first looked upon ourselves and saw the wonder of Creator. My story has been unfolding from the moment I took form in the stars, the moment I created myself in flesh

It was unfolding, and whispering itself to me as a child in this life. Telling me of myself through every dream, every imagination, every set of eyes that took a moment to see themselves within me


This morning I woke up from a dream, and it is so perfect leading into writing this. In the dream my ancestors spoke- 

“Ubuntu, Ubuntu means I love you”

When I woke up I googled it. It is of the bantu languages and means 

“Humanity. I am because we are”

In this phrase is everything my ancestors have taught me. We are one expressing through many, we are one story being told through many threads

We are one always, and forever

The Sęrpēnt Røse mission, for me is union, and it comes from what my ancestors have instilled within me


This is a place holding inspiration to uncover yourself, the self that was always. To be a channel of the Creator on earth

To birth your heaven on earth

It is my pleasure to unfold my world within the world, and to watch my laboratory of union grow and flourish


Always & forever 

In the name of Ma’sheba

Marisha An


“Marisha has such a beautiful spirit. She’s a great listener and intuitively knows how to ask the right questions to allow you to find the answers you are seeking. I loved how fully present she is in her session making you feel very comfortable and relaxed.” –Renee Y. Relationship Coach