I invite you to step into a world, where the only limits are the bounds of your imagination.

The only law is what is true within your heart

This is a world where God pulses through every layer of existence

Everything, every moment is a spiritual experience ripe for you to be carried away within it. There is nothing that is separate from divinity. Nothing that separates you from your divinity

A bit about me…

I am a wanderer, a mystic in the purist definition of the word. My heart, my desires, my longing pulses for God. For Creator. Walking a path of a continual spiral of unveiling, may I become no thing at all, save a vessel of the pure force in which I breathe in honor of. Of which I am

In this sentiment, the offerings throughout seek to provide spaces that support each being that steps inside to unveil themselves before the glory of God within. To uncover the ancient jewels of their own remembrance, and re-activate the inner temple. Where the ancient scrolls, and archives of forever reside

It can be called a way of sovereignty. Taking a way that unravels the conditions, programs, and shrouds of shadow that have been placed over this collective, over our hearts, over our being

Just by stepping on the path of inner truth & revelation the shadows begin to become illuminated. With each step you take towards the inheritance of your spirit this illumination grows, and what had been divorced begins to come together

This is my passion, my love, and my devotional. To uncover within myself, and support my sisters & brothers in uncovering within them. The story of God being told through us

It began when we were just a seed in the womb of Creator. It began when Creator first began to burst sparks of itself

The story was always, and is always

It was when we first looked upon ourselves and saw the wonder of Creator. Our story has been unfolding from the moment we took form in the stars, the moment we created ourself in flesh

It was unfolding, and whispering itself to us as a children in this life. Telling us of ourselves through every dream, every imagination, every set of eyes that took a moment to see themselves within our reflection


This morning I woke up from a dream, and it is so perfect leading into writing this. In the dream my ancestors spoke- 

“Ubuntu, Ubuntu means I love you”

When I woke up I googled it. It is of the bantu languages and means 

“Humanity. I am because we are”

In this phrase is everything I live for. We are one expressing through many, we are one story being told through many threads

We are one always, and forever


This is a place holding inspiration to uncover yourself, the self that was always. To be a channel of the Creator on earth

For heaven to give birth through you, unto earth

It is my pleasure to unfold my world within the world, and to watch this laboratory of union grow and flourish


Always & forever 

An Ma’sheba



“Marisha has such a beautiful spirit. She’s a great listener and intuitively knows how to ask the right questions to allow you to find the answers you are seeking. I loved how fully present she is in her session making you feel very comfortable and relaxed.” –Renee Y. Relationship Coach