A baptism in the primeval waters

Holding you as you are gently submerged into the cosmic womb

Serpents envelope your body and you become weightless

For a moment you see across existence and your heart beats in unison with all of creation

Something deep inside of you awakens a long forgotten melody in your cells

Even as the dance comes to a close, and you find your feet touched back to the ground

The melody continues to grow in depth and richness with each breath you take

Dance Of Ma’sheba

3 Month Journey

▽ Holy Death & Rebirth ▽

This dance is an invitation to uncover the realms of heaven within you. To step into the miracle of life pulsing through your senses. Where each moment is ripe with miracles. This doesn’t mean the ebbs and flows of life disappear. This means that we begin to see more and more the revelation of the divine spark coursing not only in the ‘good’ parts, but through all of it

Ma’sheba lives in devotion and over flowing reverence of the wonder that Creator brings forth. There is life lived with God, and life lived without God, but there is no life without God, Goddess, Creator. Dance of Ma’sheba nurtures the spaces within you that have been lost and separated from your central light, and gently welcomes them back into illumination

In this world it is easy to forget your divinity, it is easy to believe that you are forgotten. An island unto yourself. There is an entire framework of programming to further burry you and shield you from the power and magnitude of your spirit. Keeping you lost in a labyrinth of disempowerment, and disconnection

Maybe you feel your heart, your spirit calling out to you. Sending you messages that you are destined for so much more, that there is another way, but you continue getting lost in the hedges. Swallowed up by the maze that life on earth presents

Ma’sheba offers a light in the darkness of the self, a steady glow, singing songs that magnify the call of your spirit. So you may reunite with the inheritance that the Creator has set out for you to uncover, and realize in this life. This ceremony is a re union of the essence of your spirit that is ready to illuminate through you at this time. A reunion of your heaven and earth. It is an intimate process of remembrance of the miracle that you are, of the unique resonance of God, Creator, Goddess that you carry with you to shine here on earth

Is this ceremony for me?

This ceremony is for you that dare to step into the unknown realms of the self. Those that feel the invisible force whispering and calling you to remember something hidden within the beat of your heart

Dance Of Ma’sheba is a reprocessing of the layers placed over your joy, pleasure, and your unique divinely human expression. A seed of permission that takes you by the hand and shows you to the throne of yourself. Asking-

‘what story is calling to come alive within you- what story of Creator will be told through you?’

This is for you if it calls to you & it will be an honor to dance with you. For you are my sister, my brother. Traversing together to uncover greater and greater light within ourselves and this world

The 3 Month Container Of Creation

For the 3 months we will enter into the ceremony space each month, and meet for a second integration session each month. Giving you two sessions a month, meeting every other week. The second session is a guided breath work journey anchoring in the medicine to the gateways of the physical body. Each session you will be given space to share, ask questions, and speak on your experience

Learn more about Ma’sheba medicine here

Outside of the sessions themselves, I provide unlimited email support. You will also receive a packet with a workbook, and practices to ensure you have constant resources to hold you through this process

Where do you offer this?

I am now taking clients over distance video conference

How much is it to journey with you?

Ma’sheba medicine ceremonies are being offered completely donation based at this time. Follow the contact directions below for more information

YES this is made for me! What next?

Send me an email to schedule a 60min connection call

This is a deeply intimate space, and I like to develop a connection before we step into this work together