A baptism in the primeval waters

Holding you as you are gently submerged into the cosmic womb

Serpents envelope your body and you become weightless

For a moment you see across existence and your heart beats in unison with all of creation

Something deep inside of you awakens a long forgotten melody in your cells

Even as the dance comes to a close, and you find your feet touched back to the ground

The melody continues to grow in depth and richness with each breath you take


3 Part Ceremony of Inner Revelation

Dear sister,

Are you called to step into a journey of remembrance of your inner wisdom?

To activate the inner sanctum within you where your divinity & humanity embrace as one?

Is your heart guiding you to the precipice, calling you with sweet songs of permission to release what no longer serves your true being?

Are you ready to ignite your inner flame, and reveal what is ripe to be born within you?

If you feel a YES rising inside of you, then I invite you to walk with me on an intimate 3 part journey to liberate your expression, your being, your inherent nature

Enter into a deeper connection & access to ecstatic ever thriving self love, permission to be as you are & a powerful guidance overflowing from the wise one within you

As your guide…

I will be with you every step of the way, holding you in a nourishing embrace, as you uncover the mysteries revealing themselves to you

-This is a container offering reflections of the truth of your beautiful range of being & the seed of permission for you to embrace it

-A space for you to uncover what is coming alive in you NOW & surrender the old stories that weigh you down from taking flight

-In addition to the ceremonial space. You will have email support & individualized nourishment practices to embrace you between ceremonies

The 3 part container

We will gather for 3 ceremonies over 4 weeks. Over the 3 ceremonies you will be guided through the configurations of the Ma’sheba medicine grid. This will be an opening ceremony, a main ceremony & a closing ceremony

At this time this ceremony container is offered at a suggested donation of $777. I ask that you exchange honestly in harmony with your means. For those that deeply desire to step into this space, that do not have the means to meet this suggested donation. I offer 2 monthly spaces purely at pay what you can. Email me to apply for these spaces

Where do you offer this?

This ceremony is offered over video conferencing or in your home if you live in the twin cities, MN metro area

I would like to connect & learn more!

Click HERE to apply for a complimentary 60min connection call

This is deeply intimate & beautiful work. I am abundantly honored to walk hand in hand with you. Each of us holding our ever growing sacred flame, as the dark within & without is illuminated in it’s true brilliance once again

Contact me directly: anmasheba@gmail.com

“My experience with Marisha was a profound experience. I could hear messages from my ancestors & feel that there was healing on many different levels. After this experience I feel improvements emotionally & physically” -Rosio

Marisha guided me through a transformative journey into my subconscious. I uncovered emotions and truths long hidden. I was immediately lighter, happier and clearer-ready to show up for life renewed. I look forward to my next appointment and highly recommend her services. -Tiffany S.