“My feet burned as I walked across the worlds in search of you

Many names were lain upon me as my form changed like the seasons

Yet I never heard a stray song sung of you, and I ached

My heart broke

& only then when I lay naked on the scorched earth did you take my hand again”


The Rëtürn

6 Month Container

▽ Reunion ▲

Re’union is a 6 month journey of sacred inner union

This is a container that unravels the stories overlaid upon the expression of the original story told by your spirit. Over these 6 months we dive into the aspects of the self that are ready to be told through you once again

I was going to call this journey a story of God, as I feel that this is truly what this original narrative is. Each of us carrying a spark, a fragment of the sacred scrolls of the Creator. We walk through these lives, experiencing divinity made manifest. Knocking things over. Getting lost and found in the labyrinth of the worlds, and at some point a distant memory. Like a remnant of a thought once had begins to reveal itself

I believe that is what comes alive when we follow our hearts, when we uncover what we call our mission or purpose. We begin to become illuminated with the story God is telling through us. We become enlightened more and more in this ageless story. Its flames igniting through the stories that weren’t our own, and relieving us of the garments of illusory identities. So we can stand in our most pure essence of being. The space that holds the greatest peace, and fulfillment for us

The 6 Month Container

Over 6 months we will meet every other week, alternating the Ma’sheba ceremony with the integration breath work activation. To open the gateways in the body for smooth integration of the medicine in the physical

Learn more about Ma’sheba medicine here

In addition to this. You will be guided through an inner marriage ceremony


You will be supported in a 7 day dedication to your inner beloved, kind of like a ritual honeymoon after the marriage


You will receive a special workbook of practices & resources to support yourself between our meetings…& really just know beyond our work together that you have a grimoire of tools to hold you through the shifts of life. That just feels good in general!

Is this for me?

The Return is a dedication to stepping into union with the spectrum of expression inherent to yourself. Of stripping yourself bare of all the dust, and debris cluttered over your inherent expression & nature

This is an opportunity to be held in a container of love and nourishment as you are re’membered of the eternal beauty and potentiality calling to be sung through you

Where is this journey offered?

I am now taking clients over distance video conference

How much is it to journey with you?

Ma’sheba medicine ceremonies are being offered completely donation based at this time. Follow the contact directions below for more information

Does this call to you?

Send me an email to meet for a 60min connection call