Now offering, made by order anointing oils & medicinal candles. Each item will be handmade, and charged in a grid of Ma’sheba medicine. To act as a partner with your specific intent.

Each anointing oil & medicinal candle will come with a special invocation, channeled specifically for you during the charging of your item.

The oil & candles with be infused with a unique combination of herbal allies. The candles are hand poked, and engraved with energetic configurations. Before the infused oil is coated onto the configuration, and the candle itself is charged in the Ma’sheba medicine space.

Anointing oils may take up to 3 weeks, if they call for herbal infusion. Anointing oils that call for resins only, will be delivered to you within 6 days. We will discuss this further when I learn about your intent.

Anointing oils are great for-

-Body purification & ritual preparation of the body

-Magnetism. Drawing specific circumstances to you


-Healing. Anointing the body at specific points, meridians and places that carry pain. The imbalance can be drawn out

-Empowering & developing the relationship to yourself. Shifting your self image, and beginning to step into seeing your body as your temple

Medicine candles can be made for-

-Ancestral healing & illuminating your ancestral line. This can also be fine tuned to offer support for the recently deceased, as they cross through the other realms

-Calling forth connection with your exalted ancestors

-Calling down your expanded consciousness, opening to communion with your higher consciousness & tapping into a greater range of knowing to guide you in your physical life

-Inner union. Unifying the places within that are living imbalanced. Additionally, embarking on a devotion of inner marriage. This is something we can speak more about to gauge what is possible with this, for where your system is at this time

-Illumination. This is an ally for those that are beginning their awakening, healing, self transformation journey. Activating greater light into what is rising forth within you. Acting as a support as you step into a broadening frame of your existence

The above points are laid out to offer you an idea of what spaces I work within. Contact me directly to share your specific intent, and we will see how Ma’sheba can support you.

In the subject line write ‘Serpent Rose Boutique Inquiry’ for faster response. In the email outline to the greatest detail your intent, and any other information you feel is pertinent for me to know. I will get back to you as soon as possible, to begin the process.