Birthing in January. I’ll be adding sacred handmade items that I use in my personal practice. This shop originally had very big plans projected from my mind, with it’s ideas of what success in the world looks like. Spirit tore these grand visions down, and set me back into alignment with my heart offering it’s song into the world

I will be starting with anointing oils. These are infused oils utilized to anoint the sacred points of the body. For protection, attraction, baptism, purification and trance work. These oils can be used to consecrate a space, a ritual, a threshold. It can be used to protect a threshold, and connect to lovers. There are many uses, and it is so special to develop an intimate connection to your oil. To step into your work, and intent as allies. Experiment with your own, click here for a recipe I shared of a new blend I created during my journey in Mexico

This space will be for me to offer the things I love to create. I hold a deep love of making potions, uniting herbs, and creating charged items. It fulfills me so deeply. I’m settling into a new space now, and have been cracking open anew since I got here. So I’m moving slow, and deepening my capacity to extend intentionally