Something very close to my heart is accessibility. Wellness has become just another thing put in the ‘privileged- not for me- I’m just trying to eat box’

Our collective is in a state of survival. In this state of survival, we are constantly met with situations and circumstances that traumatize the spirit, the will, and the heart. Yet even more, in this state of constant survival we have no resources left over to seek quality, present and caring assistance to come back to a space of wholeness and recovery

This system is created as a spiral of disempowerment for the many, and forces our psyche to put our heads down and just keep moving along to eat, to sleep, to forage for money to eat, to sleep

I want to make money, I enjoy the freedoms that money affords. Though I am not on this earth for blind profit. I’m here walking a path of cracking my heart open, and that is what I blindly seek above all. So I’ve decided to offer an option for sessions at sliding scale, and scholarship opportunities

As I grow here in Minnesota (I’m new here…Hi;), I’m going to set up a type of grant option. I will be contributing a portion of my sessions, and extend the opportunity to those clients with greater means to donate any amount to this fund as well. Those that deeply crave this work can be placed on a list, and step onto this journey as it becomes available

In closing I want to say, we must not forget each other. We must not look away from the suffering rife in this world we’ve created. Every time we look away, we look away from the suffering within ourselves. We turn away from that space within ourselves that is crying out to be seen and loved. We must remember each other. We are one community

How does it work?

This is a new place for me, so we will grow into it together. Send me a text with your full name, and contact info, specify that you would like to speak to me regarding the sliding scale and scholarship offering. I will respond with times and days we can speak further. Please note that the scholarship option is not available at this time, as I have not opened to take clients in Minnesota yet. This will most likely be something becoming available in the new year

(504) 814-4453