“I kneeled in a temple of stone as my father told me & my father’s father told him

I kneeled in a temple of stone calling for the Gods & they never came

Long after the world burned and fell into darkness, the Gods never came

When I could stand no longer, I fell to my knees as the wind dried the tears descending my cheeks

That day the Gods came

Every time I closed my eyes, and listened to the song of my heart the Gods came

Every time I let the world cease to move and my spirit come alive in my flesh

The Gods came

& I rejoiced”

The Golden Serpent

9 Month Journey

❖ Emergence ❖

The Golden Serpent is an invitation to walk the ecstatic path, to become the wild mystic at the altar of the wonder & majesty of the divinity of yourself. To step on the road of your divine embodiment & truly becoming a vessel of your spirit

This Journey is a rebirth of your position within yourself and within the world. Anchoring into the truth & sovereignty of your high self, and recreating your outer environment to reflect this truth. Unplugging and hitting unsubscribe to the people, stories, lifestyles across the board that do not reflect or brighten your light on earth. This is an initiatory journey into living in devotion to YOU

Take a moment, and feel into what it would be like to live your life devoted to you

What would it look like to live your life devoted and in pure service to your inner knowing, your heart, your higher self?

How would the landscape of your life transform if you lived in service to your spirit’s light & your soul’s purpose. If YOU became a vessel of that purpose & illumination.

Really feel what it would feel like in your body, your emotions to LIVE that. Really see what your life would look like, and how your life would look back at you if you really LIVED that

That’s a powerful space to step into, in a world that inundates us with programming and conditioning that tells us to do exactly the opposite. That tells us that exactly the opposite is THE WAY

Just feeling into that. Of projecting that possibility within you is powerful medicine in and of itself

Is this modality for me?

What to say?!

This is the most exciting download I have ever received. It also feels so clear as to who this is for

This journey is for you if you are ready to walk the path of priestess of your inner temple. I want to be clear before I type anything else. THIS IS NOT a priestess initiation

When I use this word, I use it in the context of being devoted. Of living, breathing, walking and embodying in honor and reverence to yourself, spirit, and soul. Of walking a path of not even considering putting yourself away for later, of not welcoming yourself to the table

Because you have been there, done that & swam through that ocean with a wand of illumination through The Golden Serpent!

You are ready to live, create, and extend from the fount of your high self. To call forth from your inner divine authority & remembrance

Rather than call forth and create from a fount of unworthiness, unresolved trauma, self loathing, low confidence and the slew of voices from your family and that guy you dated that just couldn’t find anything redeemable about you

I really believe that you will feel this journey in your bones, you will feel these words rub against your heart and know this is for you

The 9 Month Container

Over 9 months, we will meet every other week. Alternating Ma’sheba ceremony, with a guided breath work integration to ensure that the medicine lays into your physical framework with as much ease as possible

Learn more about Ma’sheba medicine here

In addition to these live sessions, you will have an additional ceremony of self initiation. Which is truly a beautiful space that we will create together for you to take your vows of service to your divine expression on earth


The additional ceremony included in the 6 month container, guiding you through an inner marriage ritual & creating a personal practice to continue this matrimonial process between the next session


Yes more pluses! You will be receiving a workbook of care practices, self healing resources, and embodiment rituals to care for yourself in between sessions as well as beyond

This is a tight ship, holding and nourishing you from all direction while you prepare your wings to fly!

Where are you located?

All ceremonies are provided over video conferencing

How much is it to journey with you?

Ma’sheba medicine ceremonies are being offered completely donation based at this time. Follow the contact directions below for more information

If you feel a yes rising from within I would be so happy to connect with you

Send me an email to schedule a 60min connection call