“Take a journey into the realms that whisper in the chalice of the heart

The serpent that bridges above and below

Where light and dark are one

& all of you is divinity

A world where all of you is welcome to the table

A place with wondrous journeys for you to traverse into the realms of yourself & uncover the divinely human perfection that you are

Stepping into a reality where all parts of yourself have a place, and all have a purpose

Trees are now planted with each session!!! – Learn More

Ma’sheba Ceremony Containers – Click Below

3 Part Journey: Seer

Click HERE to apply for a 60min connection call to explore how Ma’sheba can support you in your remembrance, and self reclamation

Contact me directly: anmasheba@gmail.com

Donation Ceremonies – Click Below

Each new & full moon a space is held for a donation based ceremony. These ceremonies are held over 3 hours, virtually or in person. If you are local to the twin cities, MN

Send an email, to request an application for a donation based ceremony. No person will be turned away for lack of funds

Donations are accepted in money, exchange of services, and offerings of goods

Email: anmasheba@gmail.com