Sęrpēnt Røse is a world where all walk in union. All that breathe, draw breath as one. The elements take your hand, and unfold before you the wildest desires in your longing heart

This is a world where the only limit is the unrealized extent of your nature

There are many wonders ripened & awaiting you within this world

May you let them carry you into the intoxication of your spirit


Check out the posts below to step into the Blog for my favorite tincture & potions recipes, rituals, stories of meandering through the human experience, and whatever else decides it wants to be shared

Dänce Öf Ma’sheba

A 3 month journey of holy death & rebirth. Shedding what is ripe for release, and nourishing the new growth ripe to emerge

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The Väginä Guide

An experiential guide to Vagina empowerment, ritual & unbound pleasure. Your vagina is a power center that once tapped into and partnered with, unleashes pleasure in & outside of the bedroom. A magnetic self acceptance that radiates from you wherever you go, and an endless resource of inspiration that expresses throughout every facet of your life.

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The Rëtürn

A 6 month journey of reunion, weaving the many facets of you into a beautiful rising symphony of the wealth of your being

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